Broken iPhone Screen?

A gentleman came in to our shop holding his broken iPhone screen with bandaged fingers. We’ve seen a lot of broken iPhone screen problems ranging from tiny hairline cracks to phones where the screen was a maze of pieces. This man’s phone screen had shattered. He had been holding the pieces in place with packing tape but clearly had been using it even though splinters of glass were peeling off and cutting his fingers as he continued to use it.

Clearly, he couldn’t be separated from his phone for long. Even as he stood at our counter, ready to hand it over for a much-needed screen replacement, it rang and we watched as he lifted the broken, cracked phone to his face. We waited … we’ve seen a lot of people make “one more phone call.” As he concluded his call, we were horrified to see blood trickling down the side of his face.

His broken iPhone had cut his ear! Even though he’d already sliced his fingers more than once, he had no idea he had just cut himself again with this cracked screen. While Jeff fixed his phone, I got him a Band-Aid and soon he left with a brand new screen and matching bandaged fingers and ears.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait

While this is an extreme case, we see too many people come in with broken iPhone screen (or iPad or iPod) that they’ve waited far too long to get repaired. Certainly you’d expect us, an iPhone repair business, to recommend you get it fixed right away… It’s because we care about you & your devices and a cracked screen will never get better on its own!

In fact, a cracked screen will continue to split and can eventually lead to total failure of your device. If you’ve ever had a chipped windshield, you know it’s only a matter of time before the crack spreads. It damaged the integrity of your entire windshield, letting air and, more likely, rain leak into your car.

Your iPhone will have the same problem. Even the tiniest crack will let dust and moisture in, causing corrosion and damage you can’t see. Larger cracks or even missing pieces can cause damage to the LCD screen. Parts of the screen may go white or have big blotches. That’s not usable. Plus a broken LCD adds to your repair bill and exposes more of your internal components to damage. An iPad is a big investment and suffers the same intrusion as well from cracked screens.

We also replace a lot of lost home buttons. The glass screen holds that in place. If pieces of your screen are coming out, chances are that home button will soon be following. Again, we can easily replace that lost home button (we keep plenty in stock!), but it just adds to the final cost of your iPhone repair. But for some model that have the touch ID home buttons that part is made for your device ONLY and will not function properly unless we put that same button back in your broke device. It is crucial to use the Touch ID Home button that was made for your phone. If we have to use an aftermarket button you will lose your touch security capabilities.

What to do When Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Screen Cracks

If you didn’t already have a screen protector on your phone, adding one when you first get a small crack can help you keep dust and moisture out of the phone until you get it to a repair shop. Don’t let this be a long-term solution! These cracks won’t repair themselves. Remember, there are a lot more expensive parts and repairs than just the screen.

Clear packing tape can do in a pinch, but again, this is a very temporary fix designed to keep your device intact and your fingers safe until you can get it to us. You can also put your device in a resealable plastic bag, again to keep it away from moisture and retain any pieces (like the home button) that are falling off.

The Cost of Repair vs. Replace

We know that our clients often come to us when they’re not able to afford a brand new phone, or their current iDevice is out of warranty, or they’ve got too much time before their contract is up or they’re able to upgrade their phone.

We want to make repairing your broken iPhone, iPad, or iPod screen an affordable, quick, and easy option. Feel free to give us a call at 270-866-9566 for a free, no obligation quote!

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