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We'll diagnose

and heal your gadget

Fast, Affordable Repairs for Phones, Tablets, Laptops, PCs, Smart Watches and Game Consoles

Your gadgets play a major role in your professional, personal and school life. When your phone, tablet, or laptop breaks you want an expert to handle the repair. That’s where we come in. With over 25 years of experience in the computer and cellular repair industry, FixIT Repair Services can get the job done quickly and effectively.


We’re experts in repairing and servicing computers and laptops. If your computer isn’t working like you need it to, we can help, guaranteed. Our focus is your satisfaction. From our free Diagnostic to providing a warranty on virus removals, we take pride in providing fast, efficient & professional computer services.
Sometimes bringing your computer to us isn’t the best option. That’s why we can also come to you, or help you remotely through the Internet, saving you time, hassle and money. Not sure what’s best for you? Give us a call for a free phone consultation and we’ll help you figure it out, at 270-866-9566


Are you feeling disconnected?
No connection to the world…No display of life in your hand…No sounds to be heard…No information can be retrieved…The drop that changed your life…Your solution is FixIT Repair Mobile Services. Our service is fast, reliable and affordable. Our staff has more than 25 years of combined experience in the cellular repair industry, we are proud to say that we are among the most qualified leaders in the area and are the ONLY Certified Technicians from the Manufacturers to repair your mobile device.


In recent years, tablets have begun to replace many forms of entertainment. Whether you use your tablet to read books, watch movies, play video games, or do work, we know you count on your device to work when you go to turn it on. Unfortunately, a number of problems can arise with tablets when you least expect it.
We can repair a variety of issues for iPads, Kindles, and other tablets. From screen damage to internal hardware problems to dock replacements, our iPad and Kindle repair services are the perfect solution. We employ only experienced technicians who maintain the knowledge and tools to get your device working like new.


We provide high quality and reliable repair service for your Playstation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS, Playstation Vita, Playstation Portable, iPods, MP3 Players,and many other portable devices! Our team of skilled technicians is able to provide several key services, including system cleaning and upgrades as well as repairs on your retro video game consoles. Is your Game damaged? Whatever gaming system, Apple devices, Samsung devices and Game or Movie disc you need repaired, we are a dependable, experienced, and well-informed team that's working to get you back to enjoying your video game console and gadgets!

Providing excellence

in things we do

We have a simple philosophy here. "Chase the Vision and not the Competition" We want to be the BEST at what we do. We understand that the fact that you have walked thru our doors or called our store that you are placing your faith in us! We are humbled and appreciative in the fact that you believe and trust us to provide you with the best service possible.
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Our team

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Our Services

FREE Diagnosis! If it is BROKE! We can fix IT!

Our diagnosis is 100% free. We can fix anything from system errors, broken screens, and we are the only shop in the area that can replace and repair ALL charge ports. All of our repairs are done with 100% original parts. Repairs carry a 90 day or more warranty.

We ONLY use OEM & Premium Parts! Only the BEST for OUR Customers!

Using the right part for the job is a must! But what is MORE important is using the BEST QUALITY part for the job that will always perform and exceed your expectations!

Liquid Damage & Water Damage Repair

We know ACCIDENTS happen! We are equipped to rapidly take care of your liquid damaged device and we have a HIGH SUCCESS rate! The FASTER we get to your device the BETTER!

Expert Advise and Consultation for your Gadgets

We offer a lot here and sometimes our KNOWLEDGE is the BEST we can offer. We offer TRAINING on use and setup on everything from computers, tablets and smartphones. We can also move your old information from your OLD device to your NEW device

Expedited & Same Day Turnaround Time!

We know your gadgets are IMPORTANT to you! Most devices can be repaired SAME DAY! If not with in the same day we can usually have your device repaired with 24-48 hours

Data Recovery and Phone Data Transfer Service

We offer DATA RECOVERY SERVICES and PHONE DATA TRANSFERS for your devices. Did you get a new phone? Want all your old information from you old device? We can help you with that!
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